Mini Test (Quiz)

基礎Ⅰレベル(TOEIC L&R TEST ~600 / 英検2級)

Autumn is a good season for reading, outings, sports, eating …
Of course, it’s good for studying English, isn’t it?! Let’s get started (^^)/

This is a mini test for Class A1. Let’s try to work out the questions like Section 5 of TOEIC. Good luck!

< Directions >
A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given for each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence.

  1. I ——- in the United States for three years.
    (A) have gone to
    (B) will go
    (C) had been to
    (D) have been
  2. You ——- do your homework until next class.
    (A) had been to
    (B) have to
    (C) had come to
    (D) have
  3. She came down ——- measles last week.
    (A) to
    (B) with
    (C) for
    (D) indeed
  4. We took ——- driving.
    (A) turns
    (B) turned
    (C) turning
    (D) to turn
  5. We should ——- a break soon.
    (A) look
    (B) do
    (C) take
    (D) ask

 1.D  2.B  3.B  4.A  5.C

Good luck!

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