Quiz (mini-test) for Class A3


基礎Ⅰレベル(TOEIC L&R TEST ~600 / 英検2級)

What do you have a plan of the coming happy Christmas time?  I’m going to go fun skiing with my family and longtime friends to my neighboring snow mountain close to a wild small hot spring spot.  Wait and see!


Questions 1 through 3 refer to following conversation. (see “Listening Practice”)


Hi, I’m calling because I read your advertisement for web designers in the newspaper this morning.  I see that you need a short term help.


That’s right.  We’re looking for skillful web designers to create the web sites of our clients at once.  If possible, could you come to have an interview tomorrow afternoon at our headquarter?


My pleasure! (looking at schedule) Tomorrow afternoon …, well, it’s O.K. I’m fine. I’ll come to see you.  What should I get ready for the interview?


We’re glad about that.  We need your resume and career record with regards to web design.

Questions and Choices

1. Why is Tomo calling to the company?

(A) To propose an ad
(B) To maintain the web sites
(C) To get ready for the resume
(D) To take a job opportunity

2. What does Kalen say about the job offer?

(A) The job interview will be held every afternoon.
(B) Skillful web designers are welcome.
(C) It doesn’t matter if the person calling has no skills.
(D) The clients of the company need skillful web designers.

3. What does Tomo need to prepare?

(A) An ad for web designers
(B) The web sites of the clients
(C) Her resume and career record
(D) Interview practice

Good luck!

  1. D 2. B 3. C – Did you get perfect?

If you read the sentences, it may be easier to understand meaning than if you hear about.

Please read the conversation on the text after finishing listening.

In actual calling, first, Tomo should tell her name to the person of the company.

I think the readers are like a little bit bad mood.