Centralia’s tragedy – Mine fire is not under control.


基礎Ⅰレベル(TOEIC L&R TEST ~600 / 英検2級)

Centralia, Pennsylvania, United States is known as a quasi-ghost town and uninterrupted mine fire but flourishing by mining industry (fine smokeless coal) from the later of 19th century. In 1962, the town suffered from its underground mine fire and no one could entirely control it. The federal government advised the residents of Centralia to be evacuated and almost all of them accepted refuge. The fire is not put out and the town has no ZIP. Many tourists come to see the reality of the town where a hit video game was inspired by.





文中のquasiは「準」とか「疑似」とか訳してください。また、uninterruptedは「切れ間無い」、be suffered fromは「災害などに見舞われる」、evacuateは「非難する」、refugeは「避難」、put outは「消火」、inspireは「着想する」です。難しい文法や語彙はありませんので1分くらいで意味を把握できればよいと思います。しかし、精読してみますと、いろいろと細かい点に気づくと思います。