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I first met English as a second language when I was a junior high school student. At that time, I was interested in foreign language and their culture. I have kept learning English since then because I started to think that “I want to communicate with the people all over the world with English!” and “I want to use English in business!!”


To communicate with foreign people, it is important to learn basic English grammar and lots of words, of course. But also, we need to know about the cultures and customs each other in my opinion. Hopefully, we can introduce our country, in that case.


  • 英文法の解説
  • イディオムや構文、単語の解説
  • ビジネス英語
  • 日本の文化、和食について

So, we mainly put the articles as below on this site.

  • explanations of English grammar
  • explanations of idioms, sentence structure and words
  • expressions of business English
  • about Japanese culture and Japanese cuisines (Wasyoku)


Why is the last one about “Wasyoku”? The reason is that I really like to eat and cooking as same as (much more!?) learning English. I hope this website would be useful for the people who want to learn English or want to know more about Japan.

京都女子大学短期大学部卒(文学科英語英文専攻) 中学校教諭二種免許状・外国語(英語)


< Education & Certification >

  • Associate degree of Arts in English and English literature – Kyoto Women’s Junior College, Kyoto, Japan
  • Teaching certificate for junior high school students (English)
  • Study abroad in Washington D.C., USA for one year (English Conversation Course)
  • Experience for 8 years as an instructor for the private English school Meikyo-Jyuku

Yuka – Aug. 3, 2018


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