節分と恵方巻き Bean Throwing Ceremony & Ehomaki Sushi Roll

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  • ご飯 2合
  • 酢 大さじ2.5
  • 砂糖 大さじ2.5
  • 塩 小さじ 1
  • 焼き海苔 3枚
  • お好みの具材
  1. 酢、砂糖、塩を混ぜ合わせておく。
  2. ご飯に1を加え、切るように混ぜる。
  3. 具材をそれぞれ準備する。
  4. 巻きすの上に焼き海苔を置き、その上に酢飯を薄く、均等に敷き詰めます。この時、海苔の奥側約2.5cm(のりしろ)には酢飯をのせないこと。
  5. 真ん中より手前に具材を並べます。
  6. 指で具が動かないように押さえながら、巻き始めがのりしろと酢飯の境目にくるように巻きます。
  7. 全体を押さえた後、そのまま1~2分置きます。
  8. 巻きすを外して出来あがり。
  • 海苔のザラザラしている方に酢飯をのせましょう。
  • 巻きすが無い場合はラップでも代用できます。
  • 恵方巻きには七福神にちなんで7種類の具材を巻くことが多いです。
  • その年の福の神がおられる恵方(今年は南南東(^^♪)を向いて、切らずに丸ごと食べるのが習わしです。食べている間に話すと幸運が逃げてしまうと言われているんですよ。

節分(鬼と福豆)[Photo] evil (oni) mask & Fuku-mame

☆ Bean throwing ceremony ☆
February 3 is called “Setsubun” in Japan. It is the day before spring begins in Japan’s old calendar and its character (Setsubun) means the division of the seasons.

People throw roasted soy beans (Fuku-mame) inside and outside of their houses to drive away evil spirits and to welcome in good luck on this day.

This ceremony is called “Mame-maki”. They say “Oni-wa-soto! (devils out!), Fuku-wa-uchi! (Fortune in!)” with a loud voice when they throw it. Then, they eat the same number of beans as their age to wish for safety and state of perfect health of the family over the year.

☆ Ehomaki sushi roll ☆
One more thing that you shouldn’t forget is “Ehomaki” sushi roll. It is said that eating Ehomaki on setsubun brings you a good luck.

You can buy various Ehomaki not only at sushi restaurant but also at supermarket, convenience store and so on, in these days. Let me introduce the recipe of it briefly.

Ingredients (3 servings)
  • 700g of rice
  • 2.5 table spoon of vinegar
  • 2.5 table spoon of sugar
  • 1 tea spoon of salt
  • 3 sheets of baked seaweed (nori)
  • Sushi fillings you like
    (for example: rolled omelet, shiitake mushroom, cucumber, shrimp, etc.…)
  1. Mix the vinegar, sugar and salt.
  2. Add (Direction 1) on the rice and fold it.
  3. Prepare the sushi filling you like.
  4. Place a sheet of nori on the rolling mat and put the rice thinly and evenly spread over the nori.
    Do not put the rice on about 2.5cm of back side for a margin.
  5. Put the fillings on the front side of rice.
  6. Roll it and make sure the fillings are not come out. You can roll it easily if you put the front edge of nori to the margin.
  7. Press the entire roll to arrange its shape and then, leave it for a few minutes.
  8. Remove the rolling mat and it’s ready to eat.


  • Put the rice on the rough surface of nori.
  • You can use the plastic wrap as a substitute for a rolling mat.
  • Seven kinds of fillings are often rolled in Ehomaki after the Seven Deities of Good Foretune.
  • It is the custom to eat the whole sushi roll without cutting and facing toward the lucky direction of the year. It’s said that good fortune will be gone if you speak while eating.