ひなまつり ~蛤のお吸い物~ - The Doll’s Festival & Cram Soup –

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~ spring recipe No.1 ~





  • 蛤 6個くらい
  • 三つ葉または菜の花 2~3本
  • だし汁(一番出汁) 500ml
  • 酒 大さじ1
  • 塩 ひとつまみ
  1. 蛤を塩水につけ、暗い所に2~3時間置いて砂抜きします。
  2. 水道水で貝の表面をよく洗います。
  3. だし汁に蛤を入れて加熱し、殻が開いたらすぐに取り出します。
  4. 3のだし汁に三つ葉を入れ、酒と塩を加えて味を調えます。
  5. お椀に蛤と三つ葉、だし汁を入れてできあがり。

☆ The Hina Doll Festival ☆

hina dolls

On March 3rd, people cerebrate the Doll’s Festival called “Hina-matsuri” in Japan. It is the traditional event for girls to wish for their healthy growth and happiness. The family with girls display the Hina-dolls dressed in beautiful ancient court costumes in their house. It is believed that the dolls absorb misfortunes or diseases and protect the children.

People use to throw paper dolls into rivers and sea to drive away the evil spirits with them. But in the Edo period they began to display the gorgeous dolls in the same way as today.

And also, people eat traditional dishes like hina-arare (sweet rice crackers), hishi-mochi (diamond-shaped rice cakes), clam soup for the festival. They each have special meanings just as same as the other Japanese traditional events.

Let me introduce the recipe of “cram soup” today.

☆ Cram Soup ☆

Ingredients(2-3 servings)
  • 6 crams
  • 2-3 stalk of Mitsuba (Trefoil)
  • 500 ml of Dashi (kombu kelp & bonito stock)
  • 1 table spoon of cooking sake
  • a pinch of salt
  1. Put the crams in the salty water and put it in the dark place for 2-3 hours to remove sand.
  2. Wash the surface of crams well by the water.
  3. Put it (Direction 2) into Dashi and heat them. Take it out from Dashi when its shells opened right away.
  4. Put the Mitsuba into Dashi and heat it. Add cooking sake and salt for flavor.
  5. Put the crams and Mitsuba in the bowl and pour hot Dashi. Then it’s ready to eat!