お米の研ぎ方 ~ How to wash rice? ~


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Do you know the right way to wash rice?
As you know, we wash rice to remove rice grain and dirt before steam the rice. At a glance, it’s a simple process but there are some tips. You can steam delicious rice if you get the hang of it.(^_-)-☆


お米の研ぎ方 ☆ How to wash rice?

材料(1人分)/ Ingredients (1 servings)

白米 1合
水 適量

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150g of rice (1 go)
proper amount of water

研ぎ方 / Directions

  1. ボウルに米を入れ、ヒタヒタになるくらいの水を入れる。手で軽く混ぜたらすぐに水を捨てる。
  2. 手の指で15~20回ほど優しく、素早く大きな円を描くようにかき混ぜる。
  3. 米が浸かるくらいに水を入れてから手でさっと混ぜたら、白く濁った水を捨てる。(これを2回繰り返す。)
  4. もう一度工程2と3を行う

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  1. Put the rice into a bowl and pour some water. Stir lightly by a hand and drain it right away.
  2. Stir it quickly circular in motion by a hand (make a claw shape) about 15-20 times gently.
  3. Pour the water and rinse it. And then, drain water. (Do this step twice.)
  4. Do the Step 2 and 3 one more time.

ワンポイント・アドバイス / One-point advice


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・It’s easy to drain the water if you stuck a bowl and colander.
・Dry rice can easily soak up water. So, drain the white water as fast as you can before the rice soak it. Because it contains rice bran and its smell.
・It’s OK if the water still not clear after Step 4. Rice will lose its nutrient if you wash it too much.