サバの味噌煮 ~ Saba no Miso-ni / Mackerel fillets Simmered in Miso ~




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Do you like to eat fish?

There are lots of fish recipes (bake, grill, simmer, fry etc.…) and they are rich in nutrition. If you are not good at to bone a fish, try a mackerel or a salmon. You can easily remove their bones because they have relatively large ones. (^▽^)/

I tried to cook “Saba no Miso-ni” (Mackerel fillets Simmered in Miso) this time. Its rich Miso flavor is very good with rice. Also, it might be good with sake. (^^♪


サバの味噌煮の作り方 ☆ How to cook “Saba no Miso-ni”?

材料(4人分)/ Ingredients (4 servings)

サバの切り身 4切れ(1尾分)
生姜 1片
砂糖 大さじ3
酒 大さじ3
みりん 大さじ3
醤油 大さじ1
味噌 大さじ3
水 100ml

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2 mackerel fillets
3cm of grated ginger
3 table spoon of sugar
3 table spoon of cooking sake
3 table spoon of mirin (sweet sake)
1 table spoon of soy sauce
3 table spoon of miso
100ml of water

作り方 / Directions

  1. サバの切り身に浅く切り込みを入れる。生姜を薄切りにする。
  2. サバの切り身をザルに入れ、表面が白くなるまで熱湯を回しかける。流水をかけながら血合いや表面のぬめりを取る。キッチンペーパーでサバの水気をを取る。
  3. フライパンに酒とみりんを入れて、煮立たせる。その後に水と砂糖を加える。再び煮立ったら、皮目を上にしたサバと生姜を入れ、煮汁を回しかける。
  4. お玉などで煮汁を少し取り、味噌を1/2溶かしておく。落し蓋をしてから、弱火で5~10分程煮込む。
  5. 落し蓋を取り、残りの味噌を加えたら、煮汁を回しかけながら更に5分程煮る。煮汁がトロっとしてきたら、お皿に盛り付けて出来上がり。

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  1. Cut the mackerel fillets into 2 pieces each. Make shallow cuts in the skin of the fish. (one or two slits) Cut the ginger in thin slice.
  2. Put the mackerel in a colander and pour the boiled water around and over it. (until their surface turned white) Rinse it with running water to remove dark flesh and sliminess from it. Then, pat dry on the paper towel.
  3. Put cooking sake and mirin into the fry pan and boil them. Then, add the water and sugar. When it is boiled again, put the mackerel (skin side up) and sliced ginger in it. Pour the broth over it.
  4. Take some broth in the bawl and dissolve 1/2 of miso with it. Cover the mackerel with “otoshi-buta”(※) and heat them on low heat for about 5-10min.

※(^^)/ “Otoshi-buta” is a kind of lid for cooking the simmered dishes. You can use a piece of aluminum foil instead of it. Make a lid and place it directly on top of the fish.

  1. Take otoshi-buta away and add the rest of miso. Then, simmer it for 5 minutes. Pour the broth over it at the same time. It’s done when the broth becomes thick. Serve it on the plate and ready to eat! (^_-)-☆

ワンポイント・アドバイス / One-point advice


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・ Step 2 is called “Shimofuri” in Japanese. You can get rid of fishy taste if you do this process before simmer the fish. (^^)/
・ If you pour the broth over the mackerel on Step 3, it can keep the shape. (hard to break into pieces)