小松菜の白和え ~ Komatsuna no Shira-ae / Japanese mustard spinach Salad dressed with Tofu and White sesame ~




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I often cook “Ae-mono” when I want to have one more dish as a side menu.

“Ae-mono” is a kind of salad dressed with combined seasonings called “Ae-goromo” There are some combinations of ae-goromo and other ingredients. So, you can enjoy various tastes of ae-mono salad. For example, ”Shira-ae” (using tofu), ”Goma-ae” (using sesame seeds),”Sumiso-ae” (using vinegar and miso) and so on.

And now, let me introduce the recipe of “Komatsuna no Shira-ae”. (^^♪
The ae-goromo of Shira-ae is made from white ingredients like tofu and white sesame seeds.

Just for your information, the Chinese character of “Shira” means “shiro” and it’s stand for “white”. (^_-)-☆


小松菜の白和えの作り方 ☆ How to cook“Komatsuna no Shira-ae”?

材料(2人分)/ Ingredients (2 servings)

小松菜 1/2束
人参 1/2本
豆腐 1/2丁(150gくらい)
白ゴマ(すったもの) 大さじ2
砂糖 大さじ1
醤油 大さじ1

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1/2 bunch of Japanese mustard spinach
1/2 of carrot
1/2 block of tofu (150g)
2 table spoon of ground white sesame seeds
1 table spoon of sugar
1 table spoon of soy sauce

作り方 / Directions

  1. 豆腐をキッチンペーパーで包み、ザルに入れる。その上に皿など底が平らで少し重さがある物をのせて、約20~30分置き水切りをする。
  2. 人参を千切りにしてから茹でる。小松菜はそのまま茹ででから食べやすい大きさに切る。
  3. 砂糖と醤油、すり胡麻をボールに入れて混ぜる。そこへ水切りをした豆腐を崩して加え、一緒に和える。
  4. 最後に粗熱のとれた野菜と(3)を和えて出来上がり。

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  1. Wrap the tofu with a paper towel and put it in a strainer.Put a dish or small bawl lightly as a weight on the tofu. Then, leave it for about 20-30 minutes to drain well.
  2. Cut carrot into thin slice and boil them. Boil Japanese mustard spinach and cut into a bite-size. (or you can heat carrot and Japanese mustard spinach in a microwave for about 3-4 minutes.) Drain them well and let them cool down.
  3. Mix the sugar, soy sauce and ground white sesame in the bawl. And then, add the drained tofu into the bawl and mix them together.
  4. Dress the vegetables with (3) and serve them!

ワンポイント・アドバイス / One-point advice


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・Cool down the vegetables (Japanese mustard spinach and carrot) enough before dress.
・Dress the ingredients just before you eat them, or they will be watery and sometimes become discolor. (+o+)
・You can use spinach or canola flower instead of Japanese mustard spinach. They all have different texture.