手巻き寿司 ~ hand-rolled sushi ~

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☆ 手巻き寿司の作り方 ☆

○ 材料(4人分)
ご飯 3合
酢 大さじ4
砂糖 大さじ4
塩 小さじ1と1/2

卵 3個
酒 大さじ1
砂糖 小さじ2
塩 少々

海苔(4切り) 適量
お好みの具材 適量

○ 作り方
1. 酢飯を作る

2. 卵焼きを作る

3. 刺身やキュウリなどのお好みの具材も短冊切りにして、皿に盛りつける。
4. 海苔の半分に酢飯を広げる。その上にお好みの具材を乗せる。
5. 具材が載っている方側からくるくると円すい状に巻いて出来上がり。

– Tango-no Sekku –

Traditionally, on May 5th, people celebrate the “Tango-no Sekku” for boys in Japan.
The boy’s parents display “koi-nobori” (carp-shaped streamer) and “Gogatsu-ningyo” (a miniature set of samurai warrior doll) to wish for their son to grow up strong and healthy.
But now, it called “Kodomo-no-hi” (Children’s day) and cerebrate for all children.

On that day, people eat special dishes with their family. Sushi is one of the most famous dish. There are some kinds of sushi like “nigiri-zushi” (hand-shaped sushi), “maki-zushi” (rolled sushi) and so on…. Do you know a kind of sushi called “temaki-zushi”? It looks similar to maki-zushi, but it is the home style sushi which you have to make sushi roll before eating. You can enjoy choosing your own combination of ingredients of the roll.

Recipe of hand-rolled sushi

Ingredients (2-3 servings)
< vinegared rice >
・ 450g of rice
・ 4 tablespoon of rice vinegar
・ 4 tablespoon of sugar
・ 1 + 1/2 teaspoon of salt

< Tamago-yaki > (rolled omelette)
・ 3 eggs
・ 1 tablespoon of cooking sake
・ 2 teaspoon of sugar
・ a pinch of salt

・ proper amount of Nori sheet (toasted laver)
・ Some kinds of ingredients you like
(sashimi, cucumber, shrimp … etc.)


1. vinegared rice
Mix the seasonings (vinegar, sugar, salt) well.
Put the rice in the ball. Fold in the rice and pour the mixed seasoning.
Fan it and let it cool.

2. Rolled egg
Put eggs and seasonings in the ball and mix them.
Heat the pan and put 1/4 of the egg mixture into it. When the bottom of the egg is brown, start rolling it from the  front side of the pan to the back.
Repeat this process three more times.

3. Cut sashimi or cucumber, or the ingredients you like, into rectangles to dish up on a plate.

4. Put some rice on the half of the nori sheet. Then, put the ingredients you like on it.

5. Roll it up into a corn shape. Remember, roll it from the side which the stuffs are on.