親子丼 ~ Oyako-don / Chicken and egg rice bowl ~


かつ丼や牛丼、海鮮丼など、丼ぶりにはたくさんの種類がありますが、私は親子丼が一番好きです。(^^)/ とろとろの半熟卵がとっても美味しいですよね!


☆   ☆   ☆

Let me introduce one of Japanese famous homemade dishes, “Oyako-don,” which is very familiar to Japanese people. It is, so-called, a kind of rice-bowl with tender chicken, egg, and onion with soup.

“Don (donburi)” has a lot of variety like “Katsu-don (pork cutlet and egg rice bowl)”, “Gyu-don (beef and onion rice bowl)”, “Kaisen-don (fresh seafood rice bowl)” and so on. I like “Oyako- don” the best. It tastes so good eating with soft-boiled egg!

The amounts of the seasonings depends on the person who cooks it. So, you can find and enjoy your favorite taste.


親子丼の作り方 ☆ How To Cook “Oyako-don”?

材料(2人分)/ Ingredients (2 servings)

鶏もも肉 1/2枚(150~200g)
卵 3個
玉ねぎ 1/2個
砂糖 大さじ1/2 ☆
酒 大さじ 1 ☆
みりん 大さじ2 ☆
醤油 大さじ1.5 ☆
顆粒だし 小さじ1/2 ☆
水 100ml ☆
ご飯 300g
三つ葉、刻みのり 適量

☆   ☆   ☆

150 – 200g of chicken thigh
3 of egg
1/2 of onion
1/2 table spoon of sugar ☆
1 table spoon of cooking sake ☆
2 table spoon of mirin ☆
1.5 table spoon of soy sauce ☆
1/2 tea spoon of instant broth granules ☆
100ml of water ☆
300g of rice
mitsuba (Japanese honeywort) or cut kizami-nori (shredded dried seaweed) to taste

作り方 / Directions

  1. 鶏肉を一口大、玉ねぎを薄い櫛切りにする。
  2. 鍋に水、顆粒だしと調味料(☆)を入れて、火にかける。
  3. 沸騰したら、玉ねぎと鶏肉を加えて中火で2~3分程煮込む。
  4. 3を煮込んでいる間に、ボールに卵を入れて溶き卵を準備しておく。
  5. 鶏肉に火が通ったら、半分~2/3くらいの溶き卵(3)を鍋に回し入れ、菜箸で1~2回だけそっと混ぜる。
  6. 回りが固まってきたら、残りの溶き卵を回し入れて火を止め、蓋をして30秒ほど蒸らす。
  7. 器に入れたご飯の上に盛り付けて出来上がり。お好みで三つ葉や刻みのりをのせると綺麗です。

☆  ☆  ☆

  1. Cut the chicken thigh into bite-size chunks and cut the onion into thin slices.
  2. Put the water, instant broth granules and seasonings (☆) into the pot and put it over the fire.
  3. After it boiled, add onion and chicken and cook them over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes.
  4. While doing (4), crack and lightly beat the eggs in the bowl.
  5. When the chicken thoroughly cooked, pour the 1/2 or 2/3 of egg (3) evenly on the surface. Then, stir them once or twice gently.
  6. When the egg is getting congealed, pour the rest of the egg on the surface again and steam them after turning off the heat for about 30 seconds. (Cover the pot with the lid on.)
  7. Serve some rice into the bowl and pour (6) over it, and it’s done! Add some mitsuba or kizami-nori on the top to taste if you like. It looks nice.

ワンポイント・アドバイス / One-point advice


☆  ☆  ☆

・ Don’t heat the egg too much. It’s the best and tasty when the egg is soft-boiled.
・ The texture of egg will be soft and creamy if you stir it a little. (5)