~鏡開きと善哉~ - Kagami-biraki & Zenzai –

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☆ ぜんざい(お汁粉)の作り方 ☆

○ 材料(2~3人分)

餡子(粒餡 or こし餡) 200g
水  200ml
塩  ひとつまみ
餅  お好きな量

○ 作り方

1 耐熱容器に餅と大さじ1くらいの水を入れて、電子レンジで1分程加熱する。(様子を見ながら、お好みの柔らかさになるまで加熱)
2 餡子と水を鍋に入れて、中火にかける。
3 焦げ付かないようにゆっくりと混ぜながら2~3分程煮立てる。
4 塩を加えて軽く混ぜる。
5 器に柔らかくなった餅と4を盛り付けて、出来上がり。

○ ワンポイント・アドバイス


→  おはぎ(御萩)- Ohagi –


– Kagmi-biraki –

On January 11th, people are cutting up and eating large rice cake which was offered to the god in Japan. It is one of famous new year’s events called “Kagami-biraki”. They cook a dish with rice cake like “zouni”, “oshiruko” or “zenzai” and eat it to wish for safety and state of perfect health of their family over the year.

The rice cake came to be called “kagami-mochi” because its round shape resembles ancient mirrors. Round and flat rice cakes are placed in piles and decollate with “daidai” (an orange) and other traditional things. Each decollation has meaning for good luck.

Now I’m going to introduce a dish which is eaten on the day of kagami-biraki in Japan. It called “zenzai” (rice cake with sweet red bean soup). This recipe is so easy to cook. Let’s try to cook and eat the Japanese traditional sweets today!

Recipe of Zenzai

Ingredients (2-3 servings)

200g of canned sweet red bean
200ml of water
1g of salt
2-3 piece of rice cake


1. Put the rice cake and 1 table spoon of water in a heat-resistant container. And heat it in a microwave oven for 1 minute. (You should see how it goes and heat it until tender.)
2. Put the sweet red beans and water in the pan, and heat it over medium heat.
3. Stir it slowly for about 2-3 min. Take care that the contains does not burn on the bottom of the pot.
4. Add salt and toss it.
5. Serve the soup and rice cake in the bowl.

One-point advice

If you want to try to cook the sweet red bean paste, check this page out.
→  おはぎ(御萩)- Ohagi –